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About DustinCropsBoy


I've never considered myself an artist, though people always try to convince me that I am. I just think of what I do to be more of a hobby and skill that I have developed due to my desire to know how things are designed and produced and I enjoy the process. Besides, "artist" sounds too pretentious - and I am anything but.


Because of my curiosity of design, I have dabbled in many different mediums, from digital to the tangible. I have spent a good many years in the graphic design world, pushing pixels around a screen, arranging them into pleasing images and layouts. But being more of a "hands on" person, I didn't find much reward in this field. I still love graphic design, but now use these skills more for personal projects.


My true passion is in creating actual items that one can hold. I love the many different moving parts that go into the production of a piece. From the early sketches; to the refined design; to creating prototypes and molds; to the casting, painting and finishing of the final product. There's nothing like holding a piece in my hands that was once just an idea in my head.

Though I am always working on new projects, I do also take on commission work. If you have an idea you think I'd be the right person for, drop by my business site and let's talk:


Your Pal,


3D modeling

mold making

resin casting

fiberglass lay-up

vacuum forming


painting & weathering

Illustrator & Photoshop

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