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Here's a sampling of a few of my projects.
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3D Modeling

3D modeling

Fusion 360

I've just recently taken up digital 3D modeling. My strengths, so far, are in "hard edge" objects - items that can be measured and made up of geometric shapes. I'm slowly working on getting my "soft edge" sculpting skills built up - but that has proven to be a bit more of a challenge for me.

As you can see from the doodles below, I like to draw vintage toys. I prefer the simplistic, clean and classic styling of these playthings from the past.

Hard Items

Hard Items

Resin, Fiberglass, etc.

These are actual tangible items I produced in resin, fiberglass, metal, wood, etc. When I make an item, I often times create a prototype, then mold it, then produce the final product - usually in multiple copies.

Soft Items

I dabble in sewing once in a while. Like the "hard" items above, these too are usually done in mind with the thought of producing multiple copies.

soft items


Graphic Art

I've had an appreciation of graphic art since I was a wee lad. I feel that commercial illustrators are often more talented and unappreciated than those more traditionally labeled "artists". Though I'm not great at it, myself, I still give it a go some times.

graphic art


Another hobby I dabble in is restoration. It's fun figuring out the best way to tackle a project and bring it back to it's original glory - or maybe a slight variation if needed.